It has been an honor and a privilege for thirty four years, to be my beloved Viking’s camp follower. I would follow him through hell and back because I know he would bring me home safely, or die trying. There have been eighteen house hold moves in twenty seven years, three were over seas. I have traveled in twenty different countries; in our country, I have explored America in forty seven different states. I have tasted my way around the world, literally. Veni, Vedi, Visa. I came, I saw, I did a little shopping. Hey, someone has to keep the economy rolling. I am a U.S. Army wife and damn proud of it.


I do not believe in coincidence and that word does not exist in my vocabulary.


At the age of thirty after being told I would need fertility drugs to get pregnant, and a pregnancy would still be doubtful, God blessed us with a baby girl. Twenty nine years later, she continues to be the most perfect gift my husband has ever given me. (The endometriosis can just kiss my butt!)


I have a degree in Theatre and an opinion about everything. I have a strong, undeniable faith in God and I believe that I live in the greatest nation on this planet. (Seriously, after making that statement, you thought I was just going to walk away from that…LOL…)


After reading this phrase in the paper, I think it is appropriate. It is a quote from a woman who was being interviewed. She referred to herself as a domestic entertainment chef. What I got from the article is that she loves to cook and entertain. I would have to agree that label would apply to me. There is no recipe to complicated or day of the week that is not worth celebrating.


One of my favorite pastimes is to visit tea houses and then review them on my blog site. I was blessed to observe a tea ceremony in Korea and have had tea in lots o’ places in between. Most elegant tea was at the Savoy in London…worth every British pound and pound on my body. One of my worst experiences was at the London Ritz…when I called to book the reservation it started with “You will only have forty five minutes at the table…” and it just went down hill from there.


On the flip side of that, I love coffee. “Really, you roast your own beans! I’ll be right over!”



Carroll E Stewart: U.S. Army (Retired) Wife, Mother, Writer, World Traveler; Patron Saint of the Weird, the Sublime and the Extreme.


Myers-Briggs: I 60% ; N-80%; F-93%; P-88%


14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi :). I just had a brain fart this morning.
    I thought that since I do the twice weekly Fanfiction Minion updates I could let Fangbanger’s Anonymous know when stories are completed via their completed story form. Could you send me the links to the beginning of the stories you’ve completed since the beginning of June please, unless you’ve already alerted FA that they are completed.
    Can you contact me on my Contact Me page or just reply to this comment to let me know either way please?
    Thank you.

    • Dear tj6james6,
      Holy Crap!
      I just found your post…(I think..since it is a YEAR OLD…..(can I remember back that far! Can I remember what I had for breakfast!!!!!) MORE of that holy crap thing….I don’t know that I answered it….geeze oh mezo!
      I apologize for not answering sooner…..bangs head and rolls eyes…
      Thanks for being so good to me….

  2. azucar69 said:

    Happy Happy Birthday Carroll! Wishing you abundant health & happiness. Surely you will be blessed, cus’ you are surely the blessing!!!

    Bear hugs & kisses,

    • Dear Miss Joyce,
      Ohhhhh, thank you so much for those very kind words. I am amazed that you would take the time to read my humble words. Thank you so much….! What a blessing you are.
      All the best to you and yours!
      Be blessed and be the blessing!

  3. The story The Man I want to be is out of order and backwards. is there a way to access it from the first chapter? I have to go to the very end to read chapter 1 then it skips to chapter 4. HELP

  4. Dear Ijijelm
    Eeeekkkk! Thanks for the heads up. I have no idea what happened but will do my best to put all of it back in order.
    By the end of the day, I am hoping to have all of it straightened out!
    Thank you so much!
    As always, thanks for reading! (Even if it is all catty-whompass!)
    Be blessed and be the blessing,

  5. Dear Ijijelm.
    My apologies,
    It is early and I am apparently not yet awake. (I thought you were referencing the story on my fictionpad site.)
    As the story appears on my wordpress site, I am sorry, if I had the technical know how I would have the stories accessible like I have seen on other sites. Sadly, I do not know how to do that, here. So they appear as I post them.
    However, I do have the story in order on my fictionpad site. Another big however, because all of my stories are rated 18+ you have to register to be able to log in and read them.
    I know it is a pain, but fictionpad is somewhere I know how to post.
    I wish I could be of more help to you on the wordpress site..but that is a bit beyond me. I consider it a good day when I get anything to post here at all!
    As always, thanks for reading!
    Be blessed and be the blessing,

  6. You are awesome. I was reading it backwards forward. Even for a dyslexic like me this is a challenge. You are a wonderful writer. I love your stories.

    • Dear Linda,
      So sorry about having to send you to the fictionpad site. Seriously, I am not a tekkie of any type. My daughter set up the wordpress site for me. I am happy to just be able to post….so not kidding…(hangs her head in shame…) I am more familiar with posting to the FP site.
      Thank you for your very kind words. I am just sorry that I cannot make the wp site more user friendly…sigh..
      As alway, thanks for reading!
      Be blessed and be the blessing,

  7. Why is WP so hard? I want to go back and reread your earlier fics but I can’t find them here. I hate being tech-tarded.

    • Dear Jfozz12,
      Seriously…I am just happy to be able to post here.
      No tech skills, that is me!
      My stories are all on fictionpad. Now…because the they are all rated M-18, you have to register to be able to access them. Hope that helps!
      As always, thanks for reading! (And for wanting to re-read!!!!!!)
      Be blessed and be the blessing,

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