Snow Man Soup to share:
In a baggie that you have written Snow Man Soup on, place:
1 individual packet instant hot chocolate mix
2-3 chocolate Kiss candies
10-15 mini-marshmallows
small candy cane
(For the adult version, an airplane size of your favorite adult alcoholic beverage. You can not go wrong with Bailey’s!)
Several years ago, at the Mount Vernon Inn in Mount Vernon, Virginia, I was served a drink called a Martha Washington. It is hot chocolate with butterscotch schnaps in it…Oh baby oh baby…they top it off with whipped cream, of course, cause Martha had nothing fat free back in the day! Just woo hoo and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! You can start with the snow man soup, minus the peppermint sitck (save that for the hot chocolate and peppermint schnaps) and add the butterscotch schnaps! Wooooohooooo!

We were living in Northern Germany in 1982. A friend gifted me with a bottle of this and the recipe. God bless and a great big Irish kiss to who ever created it!

Homemade Irish Cream Liqueur

I cup Irish Whiskey (I use John Jameson because I like to drink John Jameson)
1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup cream…heavy, light…or why not, fat free ½ and ½
4 eggs (If anything with raw eggs is to be consumed, I have switched over to pasteurized eggs. Anything else and I am risking the health of my family and friends!)
2 TBs. vanilla extract
2 TBs chocolate extract and 2 TBs Hershey’s chocolate syrup…got some Godiva chocolate that you have not eaten….now would be the time to melt that down in about a ½ cup of milk over a low heat and refrigerate until cool… you could add that to the mix as well…..just say’n….waste not want the Bailey’s all the time and there is no such thing as too much chocolate…..
1 TB coconut extract
1 tsp. powdered instant (not granular) coffee. If you only have granular, put it in the blender, first, and whir it around…this will make it powder. (My husband does not like coffee so I omit this.)

Into the blender, put all the ingredients at low speed until thoroughly mixed. Transfer to a bottle with a lid and refrigerate overnight or longer. Serve cold. Shake well before serving.

I have no idea how long this will last or when it is no longer “safe” to drink. I have had one bottle for as long as a couple of weeks in the fridge….I know….shocker…

Alcohol acts as a preservative…..so does the magic in the Jameson. But….it does contain raw eggs….! Have a chocolate martini party that night and then serve it to your guests over waffles with ice cream the next morning…or just chocolate martini on!


The Kiss of Death…‘cause it’s Five O’clock (AM or PM) Somewhere

For my 58th Birthday we ventured forth into the Land O’ Hershey, Pennsylvania, that is. And at the very lovely Hershey Hotel I had for my birthday something I believe they call Death by Chocolate.


Now, the bar miss she was very quick and I did not see just exactly what it was she put into your old Auntie Carroll’s drink….but….that does not stop me.

Whipped cream
Chocolate syrup. This needs to be refrigerated. If it is warm off the shelf, it does not stick to the glass. All though, you can just swirl it around in the glass and that is not bad either.
Hershey’s Kiss
Maraschino cherry
Chocolate flavored varieties of alcohol
Milk….I use ½ cup fat free ½ and ½ and make the other half fat free milk and mix in the Hershey’s syrup….about 1/4 th of a cup.

My best guess:

Into 1 an 1/4th cup of chocolate milk:

1 shot of Vodka
1 shot of Baileys
1 shot of Godiva Liqueur
1 shot of Cocao Obscura liqueur
….and just because I had it…
1 shot of Whipped Cream liqueur

It shaken and not stirred.

Serve in a martini glass or your morning milk glass…
Top with whipped cream and a cherry!


Mint Julep

Simple Syrup

1 cup water

2 cups sugar

Place in a pan and heat until a simple syrup forms and all sugar crystals are dissolved.  While still hot and cooling, add three, bruised, three inch pieces of mint.  This will lightly flavor the syrup.

To: 1 cup of Kentucky Sour Mash Bourbon

Add:  ½ cup simple syrup



Add mint leaves to garnish.

A silver, fresh from the freezer, Mint Julep cup is traditional.  A mason jar works just as well.  Tally Ho!



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