Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

First and foremost, if you are not above 18, you are banned from this site. All of these stories are rated for mature audiences.

Second: You are receiving this email because you asked to be notified when new stories / chapters are posted on the Carroll E. Stewart wordpress blog. If you no longer wish to receive this, you can unsubscribe by doing this:

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 How to Unfollow a blog if you’re a user:

First, make sure you’re logged in. Then visit the site you want to Unfollow and click the button that says Following in the bottom right-hand corner.

You can also click Edit List in your Reader to display the list of blogs you follow. Find the blog you no longer wish to follow, then click the green word Following next to the name of the site to stop receiving notifications of new posts from that blog.

How to Unfollow a blog if you’re not a user

Visit the Subscription Management page and click the Unfollow link next to the blog title. Changes to these settings will be immediate.

Carroll E. Stewart only holds the email of subscribers and no other personal data (i.e.  home address,  birthday,  gender, etc.)

Carroll E. Stewart only holds the email and sends updates because readers have subscribed voluntarily. Carroll E. Stewart does not add  anyone’s email to this list nor does Carroll E. Stewart sell, rent, trade, or gamble away your email address.

Carroll E. Stewart allows anyone getting an email notification to unsubscribe and after that Carroll E. Stewart does not hold their data.

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