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Chapter 8   The Boys Are Back in Town!

 Early one evening, Eric had received an official summons to appear in New Orleans. It had been delivered by Godric. On the porch, he had hugged his maker and introduced Sookie.

Godric was beaming when he kissed Sookie’s hand and handed over the official documents. “Since I am the Parlay,” he bowed to them both, “I cannot stay. The Authority fears that I would contaminate you. I am your maker, I told them, and that I have already contaminated you.” Godric rolled his eyes. “My dearest Sookie, welcome to the family. Eric my son, I wish we had more time. But now I must be off. I am on my way to New Orleans. I shall be there until all this,” he rolled his eyes again, “is finished.

My dearest,” he smiled at Sookie. “I know you must have questions. Ask Eric, he will tell you the truth. I do not expect to be invited into your home until you have no doubts. But it is important that you know what I was and what I intended for Eric to be. I know my past is not what you are going to want to hear. I took a warrior who should have died an honorable death and turned him into my child. And please know, I am no longer that barbarian. In my heart, I understand the importance of humans, and wish only for their continued well-being.”

When Godric left, Eric started explaining his past, his maker and what Godric had meant to him and meant to him still.

Sookie listened and asked questions. She was not sure how she felt about someone having that type of power over him. Eric had told her a bit about his early days with Godric. How they shared in all things, to include blood and sex, male and female. The two of them had been somewhat of a scourge across the continent.

With Godric’s permission, with her he shared more. Listening to the stories, it seemed to her that Godric taught Eric all of his bad habits and then left her beloved to continue on in grand vampire style. Slashing, draining and burning. And just not humans, but vamps, weres, and other things that went bump in the night. Eric was three hundred years old when he met Samuel, and things changed, for the better. Eric changed. And Eric was the first one to admit that it was Samuel who took him in and taught him how to blend in once more in human society. To control his rage. His maker had taught him how to fight against vampire and weres to the bloody end. Samuel taught him how to fight against everyone and walk out with not only your head in tact, but with their money.

Listening patiently and trying not to show her horror at some incidents, especially those against other vampires, she asked the question. “What did Godric mean about the importance of humans and their continued good welfare?”

“Humans are important to vampire. Therefore, whatever effects humans, effects vampire.”

“But, humans are killing off this planet,” she said softly.

“Then we shall just die out together,” was his calm reply. “Godric and I, we have influenced history where we could. Hoping for a better outcome. And I am proud enough to believe perhaps we have made a difference.”

“Samuel, too, huh,” she was thoughtful.

“Yes,” he nodded. “And Siggy, Willy, Ian, Cedric, and Vlad. The eight of us, during the War, we did what we could to destroy the Nazi regime. Hitler had no problems using supes to do his bidding. We destroyed those supes along with a few others.”

“So what has it been like to see a thousand years of history lived before your eyes?”

“Lonely,” he answered her. “But not anymore.”

Wednesday night rolled around. Just like Wednesday nights always did. “Woden’s day,” Eric chuckled, “Odin’s day. If you are going to take any god into battle, take Odin,” he laughed out loud. “Sneaky, contriving, fearless, a good liar and bloodthirsty. He was a god who knew how to get the job done and took no prisoners. Stole what he needed and used your own weapons against you.”

“Sounds like someone I know,” Sookie chuckled.

“Oh, once the boys arrive and you meet them, it is going to sound like a whole lot of someone’s you know.”

When the limo pulled up, the music was blaring The Boys are Back in Town. None were  actually inside the vehicle. They were all on the outside sitting, standing, hovering; singing along at the top of their lungs and playing air guitar. Sookie watched through a window as they dismounted. Arrogant, swaggered a bit, and stood tall. All though they had on some type of business apparel, clearly, they carried themselves to accommodate their sword, that out of respect for her, they were not wearing. These were men, she shook her head at that; these were beings who had survived through the ages, as tough and as smart as they came, but still, someone had gotten to one of them.

Eric stood outside on the porch to greet them. One at a time they would be invited is so that they would all equally have the opportunity to woo Sookie. The first to cross her threshold was Vlad Drac.

“Please,” his accent was heavy, “fair lady,” he placed kisses all over her hand, “call me Vlad.   And it does not matter what Eric has promised you, know that I am the far better lover and my maker is dead. I would have none other than you to share this glorious life with. I would worship and adore you and cast aside all others for your sake.”

Eric had both eyebrows raised at him and was shaking his head no in judgment.

“Well drat,” Vlad smiled as he let of her hand and hugged Eric. “So the big blond walks away with the prize yet again.”

Eric just smirked.

“And where is your charming child, the jewel of the night, the fiercest child to stalk the glens and feed upon the young and old alike?”

“I have never,” Pamela drawled, coming out of the kitchen, “stalked anythin’ in a glen. That terrain does horrible things to ones shoes and couture.”

“O’ lady fair,” Vlad extended his hand and Pamela placed hers daintily in his.

“Glad to see you have bathed,” she smiled in return.

“I was going through a rough time, fairest star of evening breeze, the last time our paths crossed. I think you would find my personnel hygiene to be above reproach.”

Ian and Cedric came in together. Eric had staked their maker, elevating Eric into the stratosphere of the gods, himself, as far as they were concerned.  They were exactly as Eric has said they would be. Cedric was the fiery redhead with an Irish lilt to his words and he seemed to just ooze charm. Sincere charm, Sookie thought as opposed to Vlad who oozed I am a serious player kind of charm. Ian…yes, British. Properly so. “He is,” Cedric had leaned in and whispered to her when Eric was introducing him, “wound so tight, you can sharpen pencils in his arse.”

Next through the door was a vampire that was simply called Siggy. He was Eric’s height and probably weighed twice as much. He was scarred but still handsome enough in a brute force kind of way. “My very dear Mrs.,” he said, bowing over her hand and giving it a shy kiss. “So pleased to meet you. Eric always could be counted on to find the very best. I have never seen him settle for second best. And in his mate, I can see the same.”

“Thank you,” Sookie smiled at him. “That is so kind.”

“Now,” he stood up straight and squared his shoulders. “Eric says you have a kitten. Where is she?”

“Ah-h-h-h,” she started and then Flea-Butt came scampering across the floor.

“Hello precious one,” Siggy grinned and bent to pick the little fur ball up. “Come, sit with me and I shall listen to your stories.”

Eric just smiled and shrugged. “Cat whisperer,” he said pointing his head at his friend. “Prefers the company of cats to most folks. Cannot say that I do no blame him. Especially after we have our little jaunt to New Orleans.”

The old farmhouse was starting to take on a party atmosphere. Their guests all went to ground under the front porch. Not very elegant but it was very vampire and Sookie would sit out on the porch during the day and read and play with Flea-Butt and have meals with Tara and Lafayette whenever they would venture over her way.

When evening rolled around, so did the boys, and even Missy Pamela from time to time. It was like old home week, if you had a home over a thousand years old and warriors who would from time to time demonstrate some move or hold and someone would go flying over the porch rail.

It was fun listening to their stories. She especially loved the ones about Eric in his younger vampire days. Cedric had started one about Eric and a nunnery and then blushed and excused himself to get another bagged blood. From then on, she could tell from the gaps in the flow when they had deleted something they thought she would find objectionable.

They were all great storytellers. They had to be, Sookie realized. This was their form of entertainment from when they were human and it had carried over to present day vampire.

“So Miss Sookie,” Ian had addressed her. “We would talk, forever. Tell us, how did you two meet?”

“Roller coaster,” she grinned.

They all looked at Eric, disbelief on their faces.

“I saw her at the carnival and I stalked her.”

“Oh, well yes,” they all muttered among themselves. “Of course. Saw her and wanted her,” they all nodded in agreement. “So typical, so Eric,” they all grinned. “Stalking, he is the best.”

“I liked him, also,” she smiled. “Didn’t find out he was vampire until several days later.”

“What?” and with that word came a lot of varied reactions.

“Eric stalked me, like he said. But when I told him my name, he was intrigued because he had heard it at Sophie-Anne’s mansion.”

“Really?” Ian raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, we spent a week together, in the evenings. Just talkin’ and gettin’ to know each other. And I met him one night at the door nude, havin’ decided that I was tired of bein’ a virgin and all week Eric was charmin’ and kind and had obviously been around the block more than once and knew how to treat a lady. So I figured if I was only gonna maybe have sex once in my life, I wanted it to be with the best guy possible. Well, he said no and handed me a blanket off the couch and said we had to talk first. That’s when he told me he was a vampire. And then, well,” she shrugged, “I met King Eric and he is a charmer. So we had a blessed to continue ceremony. And here we are. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Northman. I mean, I guess not in your eyes, but for the great state of Louisiana, I am his Mrs.”

All the guys started rubbing their upper gums and looked pained. Then the mumbling started. “Fucking shithead Northman! That fucking King Eric! The ladies just love him. Vikings, just fuck them all! Lucky fucking shithead Northman!” And from Ian, Sookie thought she heard mumbled, “Fucking lucky Viking bastard! Bloody Viking Bastard! Fucking lucky bastard!”

Eric was looking very pleased with himself as not so flattering remarks continued to be tossed in his direction.

“Blessed to continue!” The remark registered with Ian. “Blessed to continue,” Ian said looking at Sookie. “So are you some type of Supe?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “I am.”

They all sat back in their chairs. Their eyes shifting from Eric, to Sookie, back to Eric and then to Sookie, taking a delicate whiff and looking confused.

“Virgin and a Supe,” Vlad crossed his ankles and put his hands in his lap. “What are we missing here, Eric?”

“And whatever it is,” Cedric continued, “it is big. You should see the grin on your face, Eric.”

“Huge,” Siggy nodded in agreement as he scratched Flea-Butt between the ears and pulled a treat out of his pocket to feed her.

“I think it begs the question,” Cedric fixed his gaze on Sookie, his voice directed at Eric. “What type of Supe is she?”

“She is the type that cannot be glamoured and she can hear the thoughts of humans,” Eric stated, sounding a bit smug.

“Cannot be glamoured? How is that possible? Has she been spelled? Is she a witch?” The questions came tumbling out of Cedric’s mouth.   “She sounds like an old one. You’’ll next be tellin’ us she’s pregnant with your child.”

There was a smile that fixed itself to Eric’s lips. And a smugness in his eyes that could not be mistaken for anything but what it was.

“Oh fuck me,” Cedric whispered. “It is true, then?”

“What?” Vlad asked. “The old ones, myth only. Stop it Eric,” he growled. “Tell us the truth.”

“The truth?” he shrugged. “Whose truth? And I do not lie to my friends.   You know this.

Sookie is not an old one, but she is descended from a blood born. Myself as well.”

“How do you know this?” Vlad was standing, pacing.

“Things happened during a blood exchange. Scared me,” a dry laugh escaped from him. His voice became serious. “Really scared me,” his voice was low. “I called Samuel and Samuel brought the texts dealing with our mythos and those pertaining to Act and Act’yed.   The first vampire and his mate.   We spent several nights translating. All the pieces fell into place. Here we are. Blessed to continue. Mr. and Mrs. Oh and please note, documents concerning this subject, are now missing from all the libraries.”

Sookie could feel the sorrow radiating off Vlad. It hit her like waves crashing onto the shore. For a moment, she thought she was going to founder.

“What happened?” she asked him. “According to legends, I know Mina was the love of our life.”

His brown eyes, full of tears, settled on Sookie. Kneeling before her, he took both of her hands in his. “She was, she still is,” he smiled as bloody tears left streaks on his face.   “She was…was something,” he smiled. “At times, when no one was about and she was happy, I would see her outlined in blue. She also could hear human thoughts. Her name was known at court as well. I made no attempt to hide her. Nor did I flaunt her.

Then one evening, the fucking finally dead whore’s son that is San Diego, came calling, seeking refuge, he said. The next day when I rose, I could smell the ravages of a bloody war from my chamber. All in the house were dead. She was…she was pinned, to the outside door. Her body held in place by spikes…” his voice faltered. “A list of her crimes was nailed next to her. She was still alive…”   He began sobbing, “barely.” She said, ‘I could not die without telling you that I loved you.’ Then she was no more.

Please,” he kissed her hands, “please be careful. They fear the old ones.”

Sookie wiped the tears from his eyes. “This is the blood feud you have with San Diego, the magister, that Eric talks about?”

“Yes,” he said as he laid his head in Sookie’s lap and she stroked his hair.

“You are not to worry about me and mine,” she kissed the top of his head. “There now,” she continued stroking his hair. “It is gonna be just fine. Eric has worked this out so that you get to bring the final death to the magister. However you want to do so.”

The boys had all shoved themselves back into their seats. They could see what Vlad could not. There sat Miss Sookie, with her small, petite and very sharp fangs down, with blue fire seeping from her every pore. And on her face was the look of death. Her eyes, no longer human, but looked like lightning bolts wanting to be unleashed.

“Samuel left Eric a copy of all the books and such that we have been using. Perhaps you would like to see them,” she smiled. Vlad looked up at her then and instead of drawing back, brought her hands to his mouth and kissed them. “I am yours to command, my lady,” he said bowing his head and getting up. “Please just tell me that you can defend yourself.”

“Yes,” she smiled as the blue faded and there sat Sookie. “Eric does not believe in rushin’ into things. So we took a month and I have been practicin’ and so has he. We are ready and Eric, well, you know how he is, has a few surprises in store.

Now, I will leave you gentlemen to your boys’ night of planning and revelry.   Good night, all,” she smiled and walked over to Eric. “Would you escort me to bed?” she asked.

“Of course,” he offered her his arm and they walked off together.

When Eric returned, they all noted the happiness that radiated out from him along with a few other happy smells as well.

“Shall we begin?” he said eyeing the group. “First book…”

“So the blood born,” Cedric was following closely along, the slides being projected on the wall from Eric’s laptop, “all carry the blue flames.”

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “Or at least we believe this to be true.”

“Yes,” Vlad nodded. “Mina, what I saw in Sookie, the same was true for her. And now I realize that she could not be complete because in me was not a descendent of a blood born vampire?”

“I believe so,” Eric nodded.

“They suspect Sookie of being a telepath. They all know your reputation, Eric.   Why is it your Authority is not handling this internally?” Siggy asked. “Why allow you to call in your friends to vouch for you?”

“Of course they wanted to handle it internally. I had to make sure that did not happen. I wanted you to be in attendance so that you could have your chance at these cocksuckers that hide behind the words of The Authority. We have a neighbor, Bill Compton…” Eric began.

“Oh, just drain me dry,” Cedric moaned and all the others were blowing raspberries, “and stake me out in the sun. Compton…no one has staked him for no other reason than for just being a cheap ass, sniveling piece of work? He is just like his maker.”

“There is a God in heaven,” Siggy chuckled. “His ass is mine. I was in London at the time. He was there on his own. I swear, when you turn someone like that, the maker should be required to live with the worthless vermin on a permanent bases. And pay restitution in money and flesh for his fuck ups.

There was a gathering of a few of us one night down on the wharf at Barney’s. It was not very nice what he did to a cat. I arrived after the deed was done and could hear him boasting regarding some blood-letting feat. He was something entirely different when I showed, wanting to know who had committed such a horrific act against an animal and gladly I would give them the opportunity to do so to me. The coward snuck out the back door before his name was offered up. I had not the opportunity to chase him. My concern was for the cat. I took her home and nursed her back to health.   She is a beautiful tuxedo with one green eye and one blue one.”

“Best not to ever tell that to Sookie,” Eric was shaking his head. “She would flambé Compton right on the spot. Of course,” Eric smiled at his friend, “she would declare you a hero.”

Ian looked thoughtful and turned his gaze on Siggy. “Would that be your present cat, Juliet?”

“Well yes,” Siggy smiled. “My lovely Juliet.”

“Did you…?” Ian began, then laughed. “Do you feed her your blood?”

“Well of course,” Siggy said matter of fact. “She needed to be healed. My blood was the best for that. She now sleeps curled up next to me during the day. We both hunt at night. She is a lovely companion.”

“Oh gentlemen,” Ian sighed. “I see a killing spree in our future. Many thanks to you Eric. I am so glad the Vikings were playing chess while the rest of the world lived in mud huts.”

“Thank you Ian, for finally admitting that,” Eric laughed. “So nice of you to finally bring your fine British ass around to my point of view.

Good to see the boys are back in town. Now, here is the plan…”

Not much was said as Eric explained what was going to happen. “Good one,” they all nodded to each other. “Eric, that is most excellent,” they all smiled.

“Yes, I thought so as well. And to continue your evening’s entertainment, just in case you have not seen it, here is a video of Compton on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.   I am retiring for the evening.”

From the bedroom, Eric could hear the hoots of laughter. “No one can mind fuck you like The Viking,” he heard more than once as he watched Sookie sleep. “God why do you sound like a woman?” He heard Compton’s agonized voice beseeching the heavens for an explanation, followed by uproarious laughter. “Go Pamela, go Pamela, go Pamela,” was being chanted at one point.

Friday night they were rolling into New Orleans and the vampire world was never going to be the same.

New Orleans—Vampire Super Secret Bunker

 It was quiet in the underground bunker. All the worker-bees called it their offices but for those in power, it was built to be a bunker. There was just some nastiness that lurked out there and they all knew it. And often it was looking for them, by name.

“So, all the boys are back in town,” Roman said as they sat around the table. “Eric has called in his character witnesses. Godric confirms that The Sheriff of Area Five says they have all arrived safe and sound. They have come to kill us, you realize that don’t you,” he said to those sitting around the table.   “We thought we could escape them by setting up our own regime. Time to rethink that.”

“What can they do to us, in our own house?” Salome asked, her voice petulant.

“Oh,” Roman laughed. “I don’t know…Magister, why don’t you tell us what you did to Vlad in his own house.”   There was silence. They all knew the story. “For once, San Diego, you have nothing to say. How so very drool,” Roman reached across the table and slapped him. “You were in a jealous snit and you had killed Vlad Drac’s mate. And then you were oh so very arrogant to nail your list of charges beside her body. Rumor has it that she lived that day. Your weres not staying to see her last breath. Her force of will kept her alive so that before she died she could tell Vlad one last time that she loved him.”

“I did what was best for all vampires at the time,” San Diego countered, hissing at Roman. “No human…”

“Shut the fuck up,” Roman said with disgust as he adjusted his sleeves. “I plan on enjoying what moments I have left.”

“We shall double the guards, silver bullets…stakes shall be everywhere. They will not be able to get past us,” Salome replied, matter of fact. “And besides, I have added insurance. I have invited Russell, and all the other old ones here on the continent. They will be able to take care of Godric, Eric, and all the others. I mean,” she said tapping her foot, “Russell helped us with William, I think he would be willing to eliminate the rest of the group.”

The Old Stackhouse Farmhouse

“Well now,” Ian began. “this has been very educational. But, dawn is coming. Are we jerking off while dirt bound or before we retire for the day?”

“I could do both,” Cedric replied as he got up and headed out the door. “That fucking Viking,” he exhaled. “I have a boner the size of the Titanic. Roller coasters, virgins, old ones and a killing field promised to us. I’m about to lose it right now.”

“I am just going to let it percolate all day,” Vlad replied. “I am going to go dig in.”

Decisions had been made and acted upon  and the boys had taken themselves to their rest. The sun was just clearing the horizon when Siggy said, “What is that noise?”

“Vlad, jerking off,” Ian sounded disgusted. “You could be quieter about it, old chum,” he complained. “Now I have to shift around a bit. My willy is trying to harmonize with yours.”

“Vlad, get ahold of yourself,” Cedric laughed, coughed as he inhaled dirt and then laughed some more.

“Good one,” Siggy chuckled.

“Finally, sunrise,” Cedric managed as he went to his day rest.

“No…no…not yet!”   Vlad was busy pumping away…”I am almost…ther-r-r-r-r-r-r…” he sighed as he drifted off to sleep.